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I have like 20 unfinished drawings but im still like image


trying to get a friends attention like



Imagine Noiz taking Aoba completely out of their way to go to a pet store because Noiz wanted to show Aoba all the bunnies and rabbits. 

Aoba: Why are we here Noiz? 

Noiz: Look at them Aoba, just look at them. I wanted to show you them. 


Noiz is conflicted


Can we just discuss Aoba’s first aid skills for a moment?

I mean, who in the hell puts a bandaid over bandages?


Headcanon: Since Noiz is such a romantic and had such neglectful parents (and certainly isn’t used to hearing any compliments), I’m pretty sure that he doesn’t really know how to handle sincere, romantic statements. Obviously, pre-GoodEnd he isn’t going to show it, but you all know that on the inside he’s got a 404: Page Not Found error goin’ on.


todays installment of: I get bored and decided to mess around on photoshop

I call it Tragic

  • Aoba:

    Look, Koujaku!!

  • Aoba:

    [holds out hand]

  • Koujaku:

    Is that what I think it is?

  • Noiz:

    Yep. I proposed last night.

  • Noiz:

    We're never getting married though.

  • Aoba:

    Wait, what? Why?

  • Noiz:

    Cuz then I wouldn't be able to say we're enGAYged.

  • Koujaku:

  • Aoba:

  • Noiz:

    We're never getting married.


[i am a perfect fanfic writer and no one can tell me otherwise this is completely canon]

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Those two look good together~